Wrinkle Relaxing and Volumisation

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections
1 area £195
2 areas £295
3 areas £355
Juvederm Fillers
We offer versatile treatment options for patients who are looking for a discreet, natural look with minimal swelling and long-lasting results.
Juvederm Ultra
Established and proven range of Juvederm products that are perfect for wrinkles and loss of volume.
ULTRA 2 – fine lines £195 per syringe
ULTRA 3 – medium and deep wrinkles £275 per syringe
ULTRA 4 – greater volumisation for deep wrinkles and folds £295 per syringe
ULTRA SMILE® – redefines and enhances lip volume and shape £195 per syringe
Hydrate – improved hydration and skin texture £195 per syringe
N.B. 25% discount on additional syringes
Longer lasting with a natural look and feeling because of patented VYCROSS™ technology. Offers minimal swelling and immediate patient satisfaction.
VOLUMA® – Restores lost volume to cheeks and chin with a gentle lifting effect £495 per syringe
VOLIFT® – Reduces and smooths lines, wrinkles and folds, in particular nasolabial areas £445 per syringe
VOLBELLA® – Subtly reshapes and redefines lips £395 per syringe
N.B. 25% discount on additional syringes

Skin Transformation

OBAGI Nu-Derm® System
Nu-Derm® Trial Kit £220
Nu-Derm® Kit £425
Nu-Derm® Foaming Gel £44
Nu-Derm® Gentle Cleanser £44
Nu-Derm® Toner £44
Nu-Derm® Clear £90
Nu-Derm® Exfoderm £73.50
Nu-Derm® Exfoderm Forte £73.50
Nu-Derm® Blender £84
Nu-Derm® Healthy Skin Protector SPF35 £56
Nu-Derm® Sunfader £60
Nu-Derm® Sun Sheild Matte SPF50 £64
Nu-Derm® Action Moisturiser £56
Nu-Derm® Eye Cream £56
Nu-Derm® Physical UV Block SPF32 £60
Nu-Derm® FX system
Nu-Derm® FX Kit £425
Nu-Derm® FX Clear £90
Nu-Derm® FX Blender £84
Obagi-C® RX System
C Rx Kit £250
Clarifying Serum £90
Cleansing Gel £30
Exfoliating Day Lotion £50
SunGuard SPF30 £36
Therapy Night Cream £78
Balancing Toner £30
CLENZIderm M.D™ System
5% Starter Kit £120
Foaming Cleanser £30
Pore Therapy £30
Cream Cleanser £30
Therapeutic Lotion £60
Therapeutic Moisturiser £30


Blue Peel® Radiance
Blue Peel® Course of 6 £399
Blue Peel® Radiance (individual peel) £95


Obagi-C® FX System
CFx Kit £300
Clarifying Serum £85
Therapy Night Cream £72
Eye Cream £70
Eye Gel £70
Complete Complex Serum £70
ElastiLash £56
Neck/Décolletage System £145
Proffesional -C™ Products
5% Serum £42
10% Serum £62
15% Serum £78
20% Serum £96
Roasclear™ Set £148
Gentle Cleanser £32
Skin Balancing Sun Protection £45
Metronidazole Gel 0.75% £28


Obagi Hydrate™ £33
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