General Dentistry

Consultations, Examinations and Planning
Initial consultation FREE
Dental examination (new patient) £55
Dental examination (existing patient/check-up) £45
Assessment, diagnostics and planning for dental implants £150
Orthodontic assessment, diagnostics and planning £150
Study model £75
Diagnostic wax up of teeth From £75
Fillings - Tooth coloured fillings
Small £80
Medium £115
Large £150
Small £90
Medium £125
Large £160
Extraction of Teeth
Single tooth £80*
*Our Dentists can advise you about the cost of multiple extractions
X-Rays and Scans
Single x-ray £15
Full mouth x-ray £45
CT 3d scan £250
Root Canal Treatment
Front tooth From £375
Small back tooth (premolar) From £475
Large back tooth (molar) From £575
IV Sedation
Per session £275

Cosmetic Dentistry

Crown (metal/ceramic) £695
Crown (metal free) £895
Bridge (metal free) From £995
Bridge (metal/ceramic) From £895
Veneer £795
Onlay/Inlay £600
Dental bonding £250
Gum contouring £90
Tooth contouring £90
Precision attachments From £295
Temporary crown £95
Temporary bridge From £225

Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic assessment, diagnostics and planning £150
Removable Aligners
Invisalign® from £3995
Invisalign Teen from £2295
Invisalign i7 from £1485
Quick Straight Teeth™ from £995 per arch
Inman Aligner™ from £1295
Hidden Braces
Incognito from £5950
Incognito Lite from £1995
Fixed Braces
Fixed standard metal from £950 per arch
Clarity® Advanced Ceramic or Damon® Braces from £2950
Six Month Smiles® from £1895 per arch
Quick Straight Teeth from £995 per arch
Growth Modification for the developing dentition
Functional appliance therapy £750
Removable appliance £250
Headgear £250
Additional appliances £60 each
Additional Retainers
Bonded retainer from £145 each
Removable retainer from £145 each
Repair to a retainer £60 each
Additional Aligners
Single clear aligner £195 each

Tooth Whitening

Conventional tooth whitening £375
Enlighten tooth whitening system £550

Dental Implants

Single implant with crown From £1800
Implant retained bridge (metal/ceramic) From £4500
Implant retained bridge (metal free) From £5200
Full arch bridge (milled Titanium bar with teeth) £4750
Interim fixed acrylic bridge £1000
Bone grafting £350 per site
Sinus lift From £350
Dental Implants for the Stabilisation of Dentures
2 or more £1400 each
4 or more £1350 each
6 or more £1250 each
Mini implants £325 each
Locator abutments £225 each
Milled bar with abutments From £1750

Same Day Teeth

Fixed teeth – immediate load £16500* per arch
Fixed teeth – delayed load £15500** per arch
*Inclusive of dental implants, interim fixed bridge and final fixed bridge
**Inclusive of dental implants and fixed bridge


Full Dentures
Essential From £600 per arch
Premium From £900 per arch
Optimum From £1500 per arch
Swiss From £1500 per arch
Partial Dentures
Simple From £430 per arch
Advanced From £530 per arch
Complex From £630 per arch
Denture Frameworks and Bases
Light alloy £495
Flexible £495
Alloy strengthening insert £275
Denture Services
Same day repair £75
Next day repair (24 hrs) £50
Injection moulded reline £300
Hard base reline £250
Soft base reline £225
Enhanced colour tone of denture base (full) £150
Enhanced colour tone of denture base (partial) £100
Copy denture From £500


Hygienist Consultation* (45 mins) £85
Scale & Polish (30 mins) £50
Airflow (30 mins) £75
Hygienist Gums Assessment (1 hr) £140
Mild Periodontal Treatment £400
Mild/Moderate Periodontal Treatment £500
Moderate Periodontal Treatment £600
Moderate/Severe Periodontal Treatment £700
Severe Periodontal Treatment £800
Additional Gum Treatment £80
Dentomycin Gum Gel** £55 per Syringe
*Includes oral hygiene inspection, scale and polish
**Antibiotic (minocycline) which is active against the bacteria which causes periodontitis (gum diseaes)
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