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Losing all of your natural teeth causes the jawbone to naturally shrink away to a lower level, especially in the lower half of your face.

As a consequence, the face looks older with sunken features and sagging facial muscles with the cheeks sinking downwards, broadening the face towards the base. Changing Faces complete dentures offer a dual effect by restoring your smile and revolumising your face. This non-surgical technique uses uniquely designed complete dentures that help fill out your face with improved underlying facial support compared to conventional dentures.

How long can I expect the effect to last?

Complete dentures correct the problem of missing teeth, but only in terms of appearance, facial support and function. Unanchored complete dentures (not assisted by dental implants) are placed on top of the gums and therefore do not provide any direct stimulation to the underlying jawbone. Over time, the lack of stimulation causes the bone to resorb and deteriorate. Additionally, patients often experience loosening of their dentures as bone is unavoidably lost. For these reasons, dentures generally have to be remade every few years in order to fit well and maintain your appearance.

Complete dentures can often be assisted by dental implants, serving as anchors which do help to adequately stimulate and preserve bone. Please see our main brochure for more information on the many benefits of dental implants.

  • Normal appearance and facial proportion.

    Loss of natural teeth and the insertion of full dentures. Face begins to look older.

  • Worn down dentures causes loss of support in the face. Features sag and the proportions of the face reverse, becoming broader at the bottom.

    The Changing Faces Effect. A more youthful appearance with improved facial proportions and volume.

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