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A complete or full denture replaces all the lost natural teeth and adjacent tissues in either the upper or lower jaw.

Losing all your natural teeth can have quite an impact on your life. As denture experts, we understand this very well, having helped 1000’s of denture wearers overcome the issues they have faced. It can negatively impact your self-esteem, and can affect everyday life, and even eating, talking and laughing can become an ordeal. This is where we can help, as our complete dentures are created to overcome the many problems experienced by complete denture wearers - improving your quality of life, your self-esteem and self-confidence through restoring your appearance.

Natural teeth are perfectly positioned to support the muscles in your face, especially in your lips and cheeks. Our complete dentures are designed to replicate this, providing support to sagging facial muscles, helping to smooth out lines and wrinkles to give a more youthful appearance. You'll find our dentures help restore your smile and your facial dimensions.

The Effect of Having Properly Made Dentures

When you lose your natural teeth one of the effects is that your jawbone is gradually reabsorbed, especially in your lower jaw. In addition the gums begin to shrink away affecting the overall height of your lower face. Incorrectly designed dentures can exacerbate this affect, as if they don't provide sufficient support to your cheeks and lips the proportions of your face will be unbalanced, and the overall volume will be reduced. As a consequence your face can look older than your years, and your features may begin to collapse as the facial muscles sag downwards. The overall effect of sagging facial muscles is to broaden the lower part of your face.

As denture experts, we have the necessary technical knowledge to restore these dimensions to the correct proportions, so your cheeks and lips will be properly supported and you will look great for your age.

The benefits of having a properly made denture can include:

  • Natural looking teeth in shapes and colours designed to suit your gender, personality and age (something we call Denture Genics®)
  • Denture teeth are carefully positioned to improve the facial volume and overall appearance (something we call The Changing Faces® Effect)
  • Your facial muscles should appear tauter and your face will no longer look sunken in
  • Your gum tissue is accurately replicated in the correct shades
  • Our denture bases are high-impact injection moulded to provide the best possible fit

As a general guide, our complete dentures are categorised into Essential, Premium, and Optimum. The complexity of your treatment, the materials and time involved, the amount of missing tissue and your expectations will have a bearing on what our experts will advise.

Essentials Dentures

  • High quality, yet affordable
  • Basic selection of tooth shapes & colors
  • Durable plastic denture base
  • 12-month guarantee against manufacturing faults

Premium Dentures

  • Wider choice of tooth shapes & colours - look more natural as a result
  • Denture teeth that feature a natural ‘Pearl Effect’ surface finish
  • Denture teeth for use in more awkward bite types
  • Often used for ‘immediate’ dentures
  • Precision, impact resistant denture base
  • 15 month guarante eagainst manufacturing faults

Optimum Dentures

  • Unlimited tooth shapes & colours
  • Choice of multiple realistic gum tones
  • Denture Genics® teeth compliment age & gender
  • Changing Faces® Effect improves appearance & facial volume
  • Denture teeth with superior strength & durability
  • Precision, impact resistant denture base
  • Includes the Swiss denture technique
  • 18-month guarantee against manufacturing faults
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