Damon Clear Braces

Damon braces are an advanced braces system with several advantages over traditional fixed braces. Treatment is extremely discreet as Damon Clear Braces are less visible and treatment time is typically quicker as the braces are worn constantly and don’t need to be removed, making the system ideal for adults looking to achieve a broad straight smile in the least amount of time. The best news is Damon braces very rarely require the extraction of natural teeth to create space.

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces use tiny clear brackets that are bonded onto the teeth. These clear brackets each have a passive slide mechanism to maintain arch wires within the bracket. This enables the arch wires to move more freely, reducing friction and allowing your teeth to move more comfortably. There is no need for elastics and no need for the braces to be tightened.

Why Choose Damon Braces?

  • Although treatment times can vary, clinical studies have shown Damon braces may successfully straighten teeth up to six months faster than traditional fixed braces.
  • The results achieved through using Damon braces are extremely precise, thanks to careful positioning of the clear brackets that are bonded onto the teeth for the duration of treatment.
  • Treatment with Damon braces takes into account overall facial proportions, so your teeth will be correctly aligned to improve your smile and your facial profile, providing you with results that go beyond having straighter teeth. This effect is called the Damon System Bracelift™
  • Damon brackets are easier to keep clean and don’t require the elastics used for conventional fixed braces which accumulate plaque and food. Your mouth therefore feels cleaner during treatment
  • When wearing Damon braces, and you'll need to visit us less frequently in comparison with other popular orthodontic treatments. This makes treatment easier to fit in with a busy lifestyle.
  • No need to remove any healthy teeth. In most cases Orthodontists are forced to remove healthy teeth to make space for crowded teeth to move into. Damon braces can be used without having to extract any teeth.

Enjoy a Great Smile for Life

Damon braces provide results that are designed to last, but all teeth have a tendency to try to return to their original positions. Once treatment is completed and the braces have been removed it will be necessary to wear a retainer to prevent orthodontic relapse.

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