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Getting the Perfect Fit

The shape of your jawbone and gums will naturally change over time, and this means your dentures will not fit as well as when they were first made. A denture reline can adapt the fitting surface of your denture to accommodate the changing shape of your mouth, so your dentures will fit well and will feel more comfortable.

Hard Denture Reline

A hard denture reline can help improve the stability and fit of your dentures. You will be without your dentures while the new base is being fabricated, as a hard denture reline has several different steps, which are:

  • The old fitting surface of your denture will need to be removed.
  • Next a layer of soft impression material is placed inside the surface of your denture and used to take an accurate impression of your mouth
  • Our Clinical Dental Technicians use this accurate impression to fabricate a model to produce new hard acrylic denture base.

Soft Denture Reline

Some people have particularly sensitive gums and hard dentures can cause sore spots. This can be a particular problem for lower denture wearers who have seen their gum ridge gradually flatten over time, decreasing denture retention. A soft denture reline can be kinder to the mouth, as it uses a soft and pliable material that makes dentures much more comfortable to wear. You will be without your denture while the soft reline is being positioned. As the material can harden over time, this type of soft material needs to be renewed every one to two years. The procedure for a soft reline is as follows:

  • Some of the hard plastic will be removed from the fitting surface of your denture.
  • A layer of impression material is placed over the newly trimmed fitting surface and used to take an accurate impression of your mouth.
  • Our Clinical Dental Technicians use this accurate impression to fabricate a model to accurately place soft reline material on the fitting surface of your denture.

Therapeutic/Temporary Soft Relines

Sometimes people who need a new hard denture reline, or new dentures will have to wait for their gums to settle down and heal. This may be the case for people who have been wearing very old dentures that were ill-fitting as these can damage the gums causing them to swell up and to become sore and misshapen. A temporary soft reline material can be applied directly to the denture in our clinic, so there's no need to spend any time without your denture. The benefits of having a temporary reline are as follows:

  • We will add a temporary soft reline material to the fitting surface of your denture during your appointment at our clinic.
  • The material is designed to help condition the gums so the inflammation and swelling can subside.
  • You can wear your dentures with their temporary reline for several weeks until the gums have recovered.
  • You'll find the temporary reline material helps your denture to stick to your gums more tightly so it is easy to wear.
  • Once your gums have recovered, the temporary reline material is replaced with a new hard base, or treatment for your new dentures can begin.
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