As well as a high level of client care our experienced faces teams within our clinics have the following 3 core principles that they strive to adhere to:

Thorough Skin Analysis:

We believe that to treat skin in the correct way, you must carry out a thorough skin analysis before any treatment or products are introduced. By doing a consultation and using how you feel, what we see, what we feel by touch and identifying features within the skin, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan and regime that will target any areas of concern.

By taking another skin analysis after treatment has commenced or when it is finished, you can then compare the sessions and see the difference. Along with a review of how you are feeling and the differences you have seen, this will indicate that treatment has worked. Your skin will change condition throughout the year, season to season as well as with lifestyle changes. We can help you to tailor your regime to suit your current situation.

We promise to:

  • Give a full and thorough skin analysis
  • Do regular analysis to show an increase in skin health/results of products used
  • Share a copy of your skin analysis and treatment recommendations
  • Use your skin analysis to come up with a tailored, comprehensive treatment plan

Professional Treatments:

By working as a team, we can get your skin looking and feeling as youthful and vibrant as possible. Using in-house treatments, accurate homecare and having the experience of our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners who specialise in wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers, we combine the skills and talents of our experience Beauty Therapists to give you the best long term results along with our professional advice.

We only use premium products within the clinic meaning that we only supply brands that have proven scientific research behind their products and philosophies. These products are able to actually penetrate and change the skin from within resulting in a real improvement. High street brands only treat the surface of the skin as they are less sophisticated and cannot penetrate below the surface layer, which is mainly dead skin cells and is only a short-term result.

We promise to:

  • Use scientifically and clinically proven products and equipment
  • Use products that we have tried and tested ourselves within the clinic
  • Give treatments by trained, qualified and experienced staff
  • Use a combination of skills to give you the best overall and long term results
  • Treat your own areas of concern as well as any conditions we diagnose

Suitable Home Care:

Whilst having treatments within our clinic can make a big difference to your skin, good and suitable home care is the only way for you to optimize and maintain your results. These products will also be recommended after completing a thorough skin analysis and also any in clinic treatments.

We will not only tailor your home care products to suit your skin conditions but can also take in to consideration your lifestyle and the amount of time you have daily to commit to your regime. Also we will have regular contact with you to check on how you are getting on with the products and also ensure that you are using them correctly for the most effective results.

We promise to:

  • Advise you on a suitable and realistic home care regime
  • Tailor your home care to suit your skin type and your lifestyle
  • Keep in regular contact to ensure that you are using products correctly and seeing/maintaining results
  • Change your home care products to suit any changes with your skin i.e. skin changes from season to season

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