The Inman Aligner is the ideal way to solve the problem of protruding front teeth and crowding. The speed, effectiveness and price of the Inman Aligner make it a very attractive, low-budget option in comparison to alternative orthodontic systems. In the majority of cases it takes between 6 to 18 weeks to correct the front teeth by smoothly guiding them into their correct position. The aligner is also removable, so it provides great versatility in terms of fitting in with your lifestyle.

What is an Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a practical, removable orthodontic appliance that is used to align the front teeth with astounding efficiency. The dynamic nature of the system means that it can be used to achieve two distinct goals. The first is to pre-align teeth during a smile makeover, before any veneers or cosmetic bonding work is performed. The second is to work as a standalone orthodontic treatment, straightening your teeth and perfecting your smile.

How does it work?

The aligner is made up of two Nickel Titanium coils which form opposing bows. Over time, these ease the misaligned teeth gently into place. The short treatment time is attested to the high range of movement the device can cover.

As the image provided shows, it is the squeezing effect of the aligning bows which moves the teeth into place. The outer bow closes inward, as the inner bow shifts outward.

How long is the treatment with Inman Aligner

Expect the treatment in most cases to last within the 6 to 18 week range. An assessment will give patients a simple guide of what to realistically expect. Previous cases suggest that suitable patients can expect faster treatment times when compared to other orthodontic appliances.

  • case study 1

    Before: Shown Left After: Shown below
  • case study 1

    Before: Shown Left After: Shown below

what’s involved in treatment with the Inman Aligner

  • Impressions are taken from your mouth so we can customise the Inman Aligner to fit each patient
  • The first fitting of the Inman Aligner takes place
  • Wearing the device for 16-20 hours each day
  • Undergoing regular checks every 2-3 weeks

Orthodontic treatments such as the Inman Aligner require a retainer to be used afterward to prevent the likelihood of relapse occurring and it is recommended that you use it for life. The retainers often come in the form of a clear Essix retainer or lingually bonded retainer.

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