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A partial denture replaces missing teeth and can be made from either a gum-coloured plastic or a less bulky metal alloy, to hold the replacement teeth in place.

Even the loss of one tooth can impact self-esteem and self-confidence, and this is one of the reasons why we work closely with our patients who need partial dentures. We will create a denture that looks very similar to your natural teeth, enabling you to get back to enjoying everyday life, including eating, talking and laughing with others.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

All your teeth have an important role to play, and for this reason it's vital to replace any missing teeth, regardless of whether they're in the back or the front of your mouth.

Just a single missing tooth can negatively impact your oral health and will affect your remaining teeth. When a tooth is extracted or lost the teeth adjacent to the gap tend to begin to drift into the space, possibly tilting and rotating as they do so. This can mean unsightly spaces will open up in between other teeth, and it affects the way your upper and lower teeth bite together. Any changes to your bite can cause problems when chewing, and may affect your facial muscles and your jaw joints.

Your partial denture can replace missing teeth helping to:

  • Prevent your remaining teeth from moving and shifting out of position
  • Restore your facial appearance and your smile
  • Make it easier to speak clearly
  • Make it easier to eat
  • Protect your remaining teeth against any further damage

Custom Designed to Look like Natural Teeth

Your partial denture will be custom designed to look very natural, and each denture tooth will be precisely positioned on a base of gum coloured plastic, or a base of chrome cobalt metal alloy. This will help restore your appearance, and will function in the same way as your natural teeth. We offer three different types of partial dentures and these are:

  • Partial dentures with a plastic base
  • Partial dentures with a light alloy base
  • Flexible partial dentures

Why is it Necessary to See a Dentist?

You will need to see one of our Dentists to make sure you don't have any untreated tooth decay or gum disease. Our Dentist works closely with our Clinical Dental Technicians to develop a personalised treatment plan.

If you need a partial denture, your Clinical Dental Technician will need to know your natural teeth and the shape of your mouth is able to support the type of denture you require. Our Clinical Dental Technicians work closely with our Dentists, and even just a few remaining natural teeth can be used to help stabilise your dentures. By working together as a team, your Dentist and Clinical Dental Technician can ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment.

In addition, our Dentists can help you improve your oral hygiene, so your remaining teeth are more protected against decay and disease.

Before treatment for a new partial denture several different factors would have been considered including:

  • Any dental treatment that might be required prior to the partial denture being made
  • The possibility of complications that might require treatment in the future
  • Information from dental x-rays
  • Your previous dental history
  • Natural teeth that could be used to retain the denture
  • The type of partial denture design that will provide the best results
  • The type of denture materials to be used, and the life expectancy of the denture
  • The type of denture teeth that will give the best results

Once our team have considered everything they will produce a written treatment plan that details whether your partial denture treatment is simple, advanced or complex and the costs involved.

Simple Partial Denture

  • Suitable for minimal tooth loss requiring simple denture design
  • Ideal for normal bite types and average jaw movements
  • An ideal number of healthy teeth available to retain the partial denture

Advanced Partial Denture

  • Prescribed for greater tooth loss and jawbone shrinkage
  • Used when remaining natural teeth are positioned awkwardly, requiring advanced denture design
  • Restoration involves the replacement of the individual teeth and whole sections of your mouth
  • Requires a greater amount of clinical and laboratory time
  • Ideal for more awkward bite types and more complex jaw movements

Complex Partial Denture

  • Prescribed for multiple areas of tooth loss requiring more complex partial denture design
  • Can involve modifications to remaining natural teeth to secure the partial dentures into place
  • Can be designed in combination with replacement restorations such as crowns
  • May involve a temporary or immediate denture during treatment
  • Requires extensive amounts of clinical and laboratory time during the period of treatment
  • Ideal for the most complex and awkward of bite types and jaw movements, and unhealthy teeth
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