"Its so embarrassing to lose all your teeth"

At first I lost a few teeth at the back of my mouth. I had gingivitis and decay. My Dentist tried crowns but they failed too. I was left with a gap at the front of my mouth and eventually my Dentist removed all my top and bottom teeth at the age of 26. It was terrible and I was devastated. I remember my mum and dad being mortified. I kept my teeth so clean but they removed them all. Thinking about it now that wouldn’t happen today. Dentists would try and save them first. I had only ever had two sets of dentures, as I was too embarrassed to go back to the Dentist because I didn’t want to take them out in front of someone.

"I’ve experienced many limitations in life due to the loss of my teeth but now everything has changed"

I have avoided social situations for years. When it came to laughing, smiling and even talking I was always aware that people were looking at my teeth and face. It was such a bad feeling. It was always on my mind. I lacked so much confidence. When It came to food I always took the soft option but now I choose steak. I would never attempt eating it before because I couldn’t eat properly. I only ever chewed on one side of my mouth before. My grandson used to say why do you eat funny Nan? That doesn’t happen now because they fit perfectly and are brilliant to eat with. I eat whatever I want. I eat apples, pears, everything.

"My new dentures were perfect from day one"

As soon as I had my dentures fitted the change was instant. No rubbing and no pain. The suction is that good I struggle to get them out. I can smile without thinking to myself they look false. In photographs in the past I looked like I had false teeth. But now they look so real. I feel better and I feel more feminine. I’m much more confident. I haven’t felt this good in years.

"I think my new smile is amazing"

My lips look fuller with fewer creases. When I smiIe I feel younger and people say I look well. The shape and surface of the teeth look so real and they aren’t all straight like piano keys. They even feel like real teeth. I never realised things could be this good. What Changing Faces did for me was amazing. I could never in the world of believed they could make dentures like they do.

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