“Socially I shut down and found myself increasingly unhappy”

My local Dentist told me that I would lose all my teeth by my early 40s. As you can imagine this came as a bombshell to me. It wrecked my self-esteem, I ended up putting on weight and fell into a deep depression. Socially I shut down and found myself increasingly unhappy, knowing one day I would lose all my teeth. Because of my problems I also kept my distance from friends and family.

“I felt embarrassed to talk about my problem”

It was very hard for me to seek help, as I felt embarrassed to talk about my problem, knowing that I would have to open my mouth. It was my deepest secret, which I felt I could not talk to anyone about. At the age of 36 I had my first child. My gum problem deteriorated rapidly and during my pregnancy I lost two of my teeth, my gums were bleeding and I was in constant pain. I went to see an NHS dental clinic and few private clinics, but it was like they didn’t have the time to listen to my concerns.

“The Changing Faces® team were excellent”

Changing Faces® was like a breath of fresh air. At my first visit, friendly staff members welcomed me and the team conducted a professional consultation. They asked me number of questions such as ‘What is your biggest fear?’ and ‘What matters to you the most in life?’ I said my biggest fear was to smile in public and I wanted to be more confident. The Changing Faces® team were excellent with their one to one approach; they listened to my story and consoled me, as I explained my horrific story. They ran a series of tests and x-rays and told me I would be unable to keep any of my original teeth.

“My decision would change the course of my life”

My husband and I were devastated. Entering the unknown, I knew that my decision would change the course of my life. Changing Faces® gave me all the possible treatment options according to my personal circumstances. The treatment plan I received was clear and concise and professionally written. That’s why I decided to put my faith and trust in them. I chose to have my teeth removed and an interim set of complete removable dentures made. They looked amazing, but I had managed to raise the funds to go one step further and have fixed teeth in my upper and lower jaws.

12 weeks later, on my implant surgery day, I was not afraid – in fact, I felt positive and calm, thanks to the team. Things went very smoothly; I was amazed at the end of two and a half hours I had 12 implants with fixed arches of teeth attached on the same day. By working together they reconstructed a brand new smile and more importantly a new me!

“I loved going to the clinic”

Throughout out the whole process it was as if the Changing Faces® team were with me every step of the way. I knew I could have total confidence in their ability. The treatment was carried out smoothly and professionally; I loved going to the clinic, knowing each time I left that I was one step closer to my dream smile. The team are professional, very sincere, and very supportive. It was almost like going to see my best friend, that's how comfortable they made me feel.

“The Changing Faces® team have changed my life”

No one can fully understand how much it means to me to be able to smile and not worry about what people think of my horrible teeth. But they can see that now I'm definitely a much more confident and happier person. The Changing Faces® team have changed my life for the better. Having the Same Day Teeth treatment is the best investment I have ever made – the smile on my face is priceless.

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