Are you one of millions of people in the UK suffering from failing crown and bridgework, decayed and filled teeth and dental pain? Is the thought of loosing all of your teeth and wearing full dentures for the rest of your life giving you nightmares?

You will be pleased to know that there is a solution one if which offers the closest thing to natural teeth. Our experts offer a revolutionary treatment to those in need, that involves fitting completely lifelike arches of teeth to dental implants, often involving only a single day procedure.

Same Day perfection

We combine teamwork, comprehensive treatment planning and meticulous preparation – enabling us to position arches of non-removable teeth on the same day as the precision implant placement.

Same Day comfort

Be free of decay and gum disease with minimal down time. Our techniques ensure a reduction in treatment time and much less invasive surgery. The procedure can be performed in our dental clinic using only a local anaesthetic or under sedation. If you prefer we can also arrange to carry out the procedure under a general anaesthetic in the comfort of the Priory Private Hospital in Birmingham.

Same day fresh start

Say farewell to dentures, loose teeth and discomfort. No more embarrassing moments and no need to remove dentures for cleaning after meals. Use your new teeth straight away. Don’t hide your smile anymore and laugh freely with confidence.

Same day confidence

Regain the confidence you once had. Feel instantly more self-assured. Feel happier and healthier. Live your life to the full.. Eat where and what you want... enjoy the food you've been missing... with a bite comparable to natural teeth.

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