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Knowle, Solihull
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Complete Dentures Designed for Confidence

There’s no reason why wearing complete dentures should cause embarrassment or inconvenience. I create secure-fitting, comfortable and lifelike dentures with an appearance based on gender, age and personality. The result is a natural smile that helps you feel confident and self-assured.

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Improve your quality of life

Our patients often visit after years of suffering in silence. Many were too embarrassed to see a dentist before discovering their new smile with Changing Faces®. Others believed they were beyond help.

Our conversations with patients tell us that missing teeth is much more than just a cosmetic problem. Patients go to great lengths to hide their smiles by avoiding socialising and even refusing to look in the mirror. Eating and preparing food becomes an everyday ordeal. Over time, this takes a terrible toll on confidence, self-esteem and mental health.

Complete dentures crafted by award-winning Clinical Dental Technician Marc Northover solve the problems experienced by complete denture wearers.

They are designed to improve your quality of life, leaving you feeling confident and self-assured about your appearance.


“I went to Changing Faces® for my dentures. I left feeling on top of the world.”

As soon as I had my dentures fitted the change was instant – no rubbing and no pain. The suction is that good, I struggle to get them out and I can smile without thinking to myself they look false. In photographs in the past I looked like I had false teeth but now they look so real. I feel better, more feminine and much more confident – I haven’t felt this good in years!

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If you’ve lost all of your teeth, you may have noticed shrinking of the jawbone, causing facial features to sag and age prematurely.

Natural teeth are perfectly positioned to support the muscles in your face, especially in your lips and cheeks.

Our complete dentures are designed to replicate this, providing support to sagging facial muscles, helping to smooth out lines and wrinkles to give a more youthful appearance.

We call the dual effect of smile restoration and facial rejuvenation the Changing Faces® effect.

How it works

The Changing Faces® Effect

Normal appearance and facial proportion
Loss of natural teeth
and the insertion of dentures
Worn down dentures causes
loss of support in the face
The changing faces® effect
Masculine tooth form Natural colourisation Masculine teeth position
image image
Darker dominant canine Dominant position of teeth More masculine shape
Feminine tooth form Rounder, softer contours Feminine teeth position
Improved symmetry, Natural appearance, More feminine shape

Introducing Denture Genics®

Denture Genics® is a cutting edge technique pioneered by Marc Northover that allows him to design dentures based on gender, age, personality and more.

Without such a technique, dentures often look characterless with a false arrangement of teeth. Denture Genics® design also incorporates realistic sculpting using natural colours and contours of teeth and gum tissues. The result is a premium full denture that is as unique as you.

Expressing Feminine and Masculine Traits with DentureGenics®

Marc achieves natural results by sculpting teeth to match gender and personality.

Feminine Characteristics

Teeth are subtly positioned with soft contouring to enhance femininity and blend perfectly with facial features.

Masculine Characteristics

Teeth possess pronounced contouring with bolder positioning to achieve a more sculpted and masculine appearance.

Why Changing Faces®?

Every denture is designed and crafted by award-winning Clinical Dental Technician Marc Northover. Marc understands how to create the perfect alignment, colours and shape of teeth to suit each patient. He is renowned for his expertise and can reproduce the smile you have lost or a particular smile you desire.

We always put patients first
Unparalleled expertise, tech and materials
Lifelike results
Science meets art
Smiles for Life®

Our Smiles for Life® Philosophy puts you—the patient—front and centre of your smile journey with the Changing Faces® team.

Our expert clinicians and technicians will work with you to achieve your dream smile.

Our team is made up of some of the most skilled and talented clinicians and technicians in the dental industry.

And we’re committed to treatment using only the best available materials and equipment.

Stunning workmanship from clinician dental technician Marc Northover.

Marc has a reputation for crafting the highest quality dentures that feel and function just like your natural smile.

Our team enjoys multidisciplinary technical and clinical expertise—essential for crafting natural, lifelike dentures.

Changing Faces® dentures combine stunning artistry with exceptional technical craftsmanship.

Changing Faces® dentures make more than just smiles.

Our dentures ensure all our patients can lead the happier, healthier lifestyles they deserve.

To experience Denture Genics® and the Changing Faces® effect for yourself, contact our team to arrange a consultation.

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I’m over the moon

Great team. Mark is very professional but with a nice personal touch. I’m over the moon with the dentures provided and have my confidence back.
Jim Bennett

You will be amazed!

Marc, Suresh and the rest of the team have been truly amazing by understanding my fears and helping me to regain confidence with a smile!!!! There are simply not enough words to describe how good the team are at Changing faces and I can highly recommend them for both Dentures and Implants. If like me, you thought that nothing could be done to help you regain that smile… think again and make an appointment to see these guys. You will be amazed!
Pauline Roper

My teeth are now perfect

What a fantastic experience and results with Changing Faces in Knowle, Solihull. Every single member of staff are so professional, friendly, knowledgeable and put you at your ease from the moment you step in. I had a lot of treatment which involved a mix of extractions/bridge/dentures and implants. My teeth are now perfect and I am able to smile again with confidence. So so happy!…
sue thompson

Given me back my self-confidence

The result of my visit to Changing Faces is well made, perfectly fitting dentures that have given me back my self-confidence. Thank you Marc for everything, including the superb after-service when required. I have no hesitation in recommending you and Changing Faces….
Nida Heath


Today I have received my new denture and I’m thrilled with it. After many years of poorly fitting NHS dentures and after reading the reviews about Changing Faces I decided to attend for a consultation. From the moment I met Marc and his lovely team I just knew that my new bespoke denture would be perfect and it is.
gail butler

Changing Faces are incredible!

Marc and the entire staff of Changing Faces are incredible! I have not only been given the best care as a patient but also as a person. Marc took the time to not only listen to me but also educated me on proper denture care and the difference between ill made and proper made dentures. I have never had such an amazing experience and my dentures look and feel incredible!! Thank you Changing Faces, you changed my life!!
Rebekah Wells


“I beam with happiness every time I see the photos. Thanks, Changing Faces!”

With her son’s wedding on the horizon, Marva had a new dress and shoes ready. But she was worried her smile would let her down on the big day. Our DentureGenics® dentures provided a new smile, improved facial volume and lip support—not to mention a smile that lit up the room!



I told them what I wanted and that’s exactly what I got!

Teresa’s Story

Our Denture Range

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High quality yet affordable

Basic selection
of tooth shapes & colours

Durable plastic denture base

12-month guarantee against manufacturing faults

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Wider choice for a more natural result

Wider choice
of tooth shapes & colours

Precision, impact-resistant denture base

15-month guarantee against manufacturing faults

Denture teeth that feature a natural ‘Pearl Effect’ surface finish

Denture teeth to suit awkward bite types

Often used for ‘immediate’ dentures

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The ultimate DentureGenics® experience

of tooth shapes & colours

Precision, impact-resistant denture base

18-month guarantee against manufacturing faults

Choice of multiple realistic gum tones

Denture Genics® teeth compliment age, gender & personality

Changing Faces® effect improves appearance & facial volume

Denture teeth with superior strength & durability

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Nervous About Treatment?

We believe that wearing dentures doesn’t have to be an awkward experience. Patients who are anxious or have a dental phobia will be made to feel relaxed and will find that Marc has complete empathy for their situation.

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