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Denture Relining That’s Better!

A denture reline adapts the fitting surface of your denture to accommodate the changing shape of your mouth, so your dentures will fit well and will feel more comfortable.

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Hard Denture Reline

Hard Denture Reline
Soft Denture Reline
Therapeutic and Temporary Relines

Hard Denture Reline

With a hard denture reline, our clinical dental technician Marc Northover produces a completely new hard acrylic denture base.

Marc will start by carefully preparing the denture’s fitting surface before taking an impression of your mouth using soft dental putty.

He will then use this accurate impression to produce a new, better fitting hard acrylic denture base.

A hard denture reline can help improve the stability and fit of your dentures. You will be without your dentures while the new base is being fabricated.

Soft Denture Reline

If you have sensitive gums, you may find that hard dentures cause sore spots – especially if you find your gum ridge flattening after prolonged denture wear.

If that’s the case, relining dentures with a softer, more pliable material could help make dentures much more comfortable.

First, dental technician Marc Northover will remove some of the hard plastic from the fitting surface of your denture. Next, he will place a layer of impression material over the newly trimmed fitting surface to get an accurate impression of your mouth.

Marc will then use this impression to place the soft reline material on the fitting surface of your denture.

As soft material can harden over time, it needs to be renewed every year or two. You will be without your denture during the relining process.

Therapeutic and Temporary Relining

If you need a new reline or new set of dentures, you may have to wait for your gums to settle and heal before we can take new impressions for relining or replacing dentures.

This is especially true if you have worn poorly fitting dentures that caused swelling and inflammation of the gums.

If that’s the case, our experienced clinical dental technician Marc Northover can apply a temporary soft reline, so there’s no need to spend any time without your denture.

Why Temporarily Reline?

  • Condition the gums so that inflammation and swelling can subside
  • Don’t go without dentures while your gums recover
  • The temporary reline material improves adhesion, making dentures much easier to wear


After having dentures, I feel like I want to smile all the time!

Betty’s Story

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I could not be happier

…Final stage now complete. WOW, look so natural. I could not be happier. I am so grateful to all the team at CHANGING FACES – KNOWLE, Kim & Kerrie (reception), Nicola (practice manager), Chelsea (dental nurse), Babs (best dental hygienist), the duo Marc & Suresh for giving me my confidence to smile back…
Sue Marston

You will be amazed!

Marc, Suresh and the rest of the team have been truly amazing by understanding my fears and helping me to regain confidence with a smile!!!! There are simply not enough words to describe how good the team are at Changing faces and I can highly recommend them for both Dentures and Implants. If like me, you thought that nothing could be done to help you regain that smile… think again and make an appointment to see these guys. You will be amazed!
Pauline Roper

My confidence has been restored!

I decided to go ahead with my implants. The results were just amazing and the follow up care is brilliant! My confidence has been restored! Thanks Marc and all the staff at Changing Faces, Knowle…
karen okeefe


Today I have received my new denture and I’m thrilled with it. After many years of poorly fitting NHS dentures and after reading the reviews about Changing Faces I decided to attend for a consultation. From the moment I met Marc and his lovely team I just knew that my new bespoke denture would be perfect and it is.
gail butler

Given me back my self-confidence

The result of my visit to Changing Faces is well made, perfectly fitting dentures that have given me back my self-confidence. Thank you Marc for everything, including the superb after-service when required. I have no hesitation in recommending you and Changing Faces….
Nida Heath

Changing Faces are incredible!

Marc and the entire staff of Changing Faces are incredible! I have not only been given the best care as a patient but also as a person. Marc took the time to not only listen to me but also educated me on proper denture care and the difference between ill made and proper made dentures. I have never had such an amazing experience and my dentures look and feel incredible!! Thank you Changing Faces, you changed my life!!
Rebekah Wells