D e n t u r e D e n t a l i m p l a n t s Layer 1 £
Knowle, Solihull
Harborne, Birmingham

Tooth-Coloured Fillings Spotless Repair from Changing Faces®

Newer composite resin fillings blend so seamlessly with your smile that dentists often call them invisible fillings.

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Years of reliable repair and protection

If it’s been a while since you last had fillings, you may be among the millions of UK patients who have black amalgam fillings.

Amalgam has long been a favourite dental repair material thanks to its hard-wearing properties and outstanding longevity.

But a smile filled with unsightly black spots doesn’t always look great.

Thankfully, discreet tooth-coloured composite now matches amalgam for performance – giving you years of reliable repair and protection – without any of the tell-tale signs of repair.

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To find out about cavity repair with invisible fillings, or to have
existing amalgam fillings replaced, contact our team today.

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Put me at ease straight away

Thankyou Changing Faces from the lovely welcome at reception , the dental nurses and Marc and Suresh.I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my jaw doesn’t open very well and due to medication my teeth were in a bad way, Marc put me at ease straight away and i was very confident in the treatment plan.Suresh done a fantastic job made me feel comfortable during treatment no pain too , many thanks
julie aris

Outstanding service

They were amazing, explained every stage and treated me with such professionalism , respect and more to the point put me 1st in everything they did. Outstanding service, could not recommend them enough….
claire spittle

You will never look back

If you like myself have a huge phobia of dentists then honestly you need to use changing faces. You will wish you had found them sooner I definitely wish I had. You will never look back and there dental work is just amazing second to non by far…
Christopher Low


AMAZING!! I can’t believe just how quick I have seen results. I’m only 16 weeks in to wearing Invisalign and near the end, I just can’t get over how quick it’s gone and how much my teeth have changed. I just wish I would of done it sooner…
Charlotte Statham

The results speak for themselves

I’ve recently completed Invisalign with Keely…. After just 6 months all my front teeth are completely straight, I would highly recommend the treatment, especially with Keely. The results speak for themselves.
Ruby Mae

Given me back my self-confidence

The result of my visit to Changing Faces is well made, perfectly fitting dentures that have given me back my self-confidence. Thank you Marc for everything, including the superb after-service when required. I have no hesitation in recommending you and Changing Faces….
Nida Heath

Absolutely wonderful

I cannot thank and praise Changing Faces enough for the amazing service I have had. I had treatment for gingivitis by the lovely Babita Kainth, who was absolutely wonderful….
lina badr


I recently saw Dr Suresh Chohan for a check up. He is excellent. I’ve had Invisalign, tooth whitening and a dental implant in the past. I did need a replacement filling at my last visit which Suresh did perfectly for me…
Nicola Dyson