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Knowle, Solihull
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Dental Implants Gold Standard for Long-Term Tooth Replacement

When it comes to replacing teeth, there are many options available – and dental implants from Changing Faces® are the gold standard for a fixed permanent replacement.

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Much more than just a new smile

Even the loss of a single tooth can be traumatic. And when you lose several, or all, of your teeth, the impact can feel devastating.

Every day patients tell us about their experiences of life without healthy teeth: Hiding smiles away through embarrassment, avoiding social events because of a lack of confidence and being unable to eat food that the rest of us take for granted. Treatment with dental implants is a life-changing procedure that restores confidence and quality of life.


What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants replace a tooth root with a small titanium post inserted into the jawbone.

The implant fuses naturally with the bone, providing solid and stable support for replacement teeth. A special attachment called an abutment is attached to the implant post, which holds the replacement tooth in place.

Single dental implants can support a dental crown, while multiple dental implants can support full replacement teeth and even complete dentures. The result is a brand new set of permanent teeth that looks completely natural while restoring both form and function to your smile.

The procedure for standard dental implants can take several months, but modern techniques like Same Day Teeth allow us to replace teeth in a single appointment. This procedure is often used for replacing complete dentures with fixed, permanent teeth.


Been told you can’t have implants?

Implants are no longer a one-size-fits-all solution.

We offer implants in a range of shapes and sizes, from mini implants to longer zygomatic and custom implants suitable for patients who cannot undergo conventional treatment due to poor jawbone health.

Our expert team can provide implant treatment even if you have been told that low jawbone density means you are not suitable. We are yet to meet a patient we cannot help!

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A dental practice with heart

Changing Faces is a great place – a dental practice with heart. The management and staff are friendly and put you at ease. Marc and Suresh explained everything to us about what is involved in having implants, and although it takes a while to complete such treatment due to the various stages, healing times between the stages etc, once complete you would never want “real teeth” again!…
G Greatrix

I’m over the moon

Great team. Mark is very professional but with a nice personal touch. I’m over the moon with the dentures provided and have my confidence back.
Jim Bennett

My confidence has been restored!

I decided to go ahead with my implants. The results were just amazing and the follow up care is brilliant! My confidence has been restored! Thanks Marc and all the staff at Changing Faces, Knowle…
karen okeefe

Turned my life around

…I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to get in touch with the practice even if it’s not a major situation as you will be in the care of a truly kind, caring and professional group of people who in my case have turned my life around, and really from the bottom of my heart I will never be able to thank them enough….
Lorna Oxenbury

You will be amazed!

Marc, Suresh and the rest of the team have been truly amazing by understanding my fears and helping me to regain confidence with a smile!!!! There are simply not enough words to describe how good the team are at Changing faces and I can highly recommend them for both Dentures and Implants. If like me, you thought that nothing could be done to help you regain that smile… think again and make an appointment to see these guys. You will be amazed!
Pauline Roper

Service was outstanding

Many thanks to everyone at Changing Faces, Marcus, Marc, Kerry, Kim, Chelsea, and the rest of your team for their support and patience during my Dental treatment. From my first consultation they made me feel at ease, to the end result ,(removal of all teeth, implants and fitted dentures) the level of service was outstanding.
Robert Tropman

Meet Suresh, Your Implant Expert

As an experienced implant surgeon holding a Masters in Implant Dentistry, Suresh is highly proficient in providing both simple single and full jaw implant treatments.

His gentle approach to patient care has been recognised by his dental phobia certification so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. He often works alongside Marc Northover, who hand-crafts and designs the teeth to ensure that every patient gets the smile that they want.

  • 100’s of positive social reviews and testimonials
  • Solutions for patients with dental phobias
  • Implants that are tried and tested over 30 years
  • Solutions for patients who think they are stuck with dentures because they have been told that implants aren’t suitable
Meet Suresh



I’ve Never Looked Back

Avoiding food, hiding her smile and refusing to appear on family photos – Veronica’s story will be familiar to anyone living with a neglected smile. A trip to Changing Faces® changed everything – and all in one day.

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Meet chef Robert.

He began having trouble with his teeth nearly 30 years ago, losing many and grinding the rest down to stumps. Conventional dentures just weren’t cutting it for this food lover, and after Robert had his final back teeth removed, they were no longer an option. Faced with the prospect of a life without his favourite foods, Robert turned to Same Day Teeth to fit four lower and four upper implants in one day.

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The loss of Pauline’s teeth spelt the end for her social life.

A lack of confidence meant she no longer enjoyed spending time with friends. But Same Day Teeth returned Pauline’s confidence in a single day, giving her a brand new smile she loves to show off. She is just one of many thousands of Changing Faces® patients to experience the life-changing benefits of this revolutionary treatment!

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No More Fear for Adele

When Adele spotted a stranger’s smile in a supermarket, everything changed. She felt inspired to finally overcome a lifelong phobia of dentists and get treatment from Changing Faces®. See the fabulous results here.

Adele’s Story