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Teeth Whitening Whiten Your Way

Our whitening range is perfect for giving your smile a quick pick-me-up or the finishing touch to other cosmetic treatments like veneers, bonding or our signature smile makeover.

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The UK’s leading whitening systems

Even the best of dental hygiene routines can’t always stop the onset of yellowing and staining as we age.

And that’s especially true if you can’t live without foods like red wine, tea and coffee.

As part of our commitment to working with only the best available technology, techniques and materials, we’ve chosen to work with the UK’s leading Enlighten® and Phillips Day White or Nitewhite systems.

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Introducing Enlighten® Whitening

Enlighten® is the only teeth whitening system that is guaranteed to get brilliant results without having to give up your daily latte.

With easy-to-use Enlighten®, you can whiten at home, so you’ll get to enjoy professional results with less time spent in the clinic.


The VITA Scale explained

The VITA Shade Guide is the scale used by dentists to assess tooth colour and choose the best shade for cosmetic dental restorations like veneers.

It’s made up of 16 shades, organised by letters and numbers from A1 to D4. Enlighten® is the only teeth whitening provider to guarantee whitening to the brightest (B1) shade in 98% of cases.

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The difference is Day and Night

If you’d like control of when, where and how you whiten, you’ll love Philips Zoom! DayWhite and Nitewhite.

The take-home whitening comes in a choice of three concentrations, and you can choose to whiten for a couple of hours each day or at night while you sleep.


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I recently saw Dr Suresh Chohan for a check up. He is excellent. I’ve had Invisalign, tooth whitening and a dental implant in the past. I did need a replacement filling at my last visit which Suresh did perfectly for me…
Nicola Dyson

4 months of aligners were a breeze

I commenced my Invisalign journey in December 2020 and have to say I am so very happy with the results. 4 months of aligners were a breeze finished off with teeth whitening and a new front tooth ! I’m so happy with my new smile thank you so much Keeley, Kerry and the rest of the team !
Orla Dempsey

I felt that everything was going to be okay

..From the moment I walked in through the doors and was greeted by Kim I felt that everything was going to be okay. Suresh is an amazing Dentist and is very good at listening and putting you at ease. He examined me,was non judgmental and I could feel my fear subside and even allowed myself to get excited! Second appointment was with the wonderful Marc and his excitement for your smile is infectious…
Andrea Stephens-Hill

Filled me with confidence

I was a very nervous patient and knowing how much work I’d need made me even worse, but from my very first appointment all the way through treatment everyone was very kind, made the whole process calm and filled me with confidence to get the work done…
Beverley Driver

Better than Harley Street

Changing Faces Dentistry has met all my expectations excellent facilities, and 1st class Professionalism from reception, nursing attendance, Right through to the procedures carried out by my Dentist, absolutely faultless, I can’t thank them enough, I couldn’t have been better looked after If I’d gone to a Harley St Practice.
Bill Wooldridge

Professional and caring

I would highly recommend Changing Faces at Knowle. They are a professional and caring team. Especially the hygienist Babs, she is excellent at putting you at ease. I am nervous patient but the whole team have made my treatments easy to deal with.
Brenda Nelson


The whitening process

The process begins with the construction of your custom-made whitening trays. We’ll take digital impressions of your teeth (no messy dental putty) to produce your custom-fitted whitening tray. Once the whitening trays are completed, we will check they are comfortable and fit snugly over your teeth, ensuring even coverage and no leaks. We’ll also show you exactly how much gel to use to get the best results. All you have to do is wear the tray at home for the prescribed time. You’ll notice profound whitening in weeks.

Boost for long-term brilliance

After whitening at home, you can visit our team to assess your success and take a booster treatment in the clinic with our higher strength whitening.

We can also provide you with whitening toothpaste and repair serum to prolong results and keep your teeth’s protective enamel strong and healthy.

The great thing about whitening with Changing Faces® is just how easy it is to keep your smile looking fresh-from-the-dentist bright. Wearing your whitening tray at night once every two months for a year will ensure incredible results. After that, just top up every six months for brightness all year round.

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Safer Whitening with Changing Faces®

Your whitening experience with Changing Faces® includes an advanced consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists, Drs Adnan Aslam or Sonal Patel.

We’ll carry out a comprehensive assessment of both tooth and gum health to make sure whitening is the right treatment for you.

Before starting any treatment, we’ll explain exactly what you could achieve. Teeth that have darkened because of root canal treatment or trauma may not respond well to bleaching, so we may recommend veneers or bonding to get consistent results.

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