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Knowle, Solihull
Harborne, Birmingham

Light Alloy Partial Dentures

Take a look at most partial dentures and you’ll usually find a base made of hard acrylic or flexible resin. Light alloy partial dentures still feature a high-quality gum coloured plastic base. But thanks to the addition of biocompatible lightweight metal alloys during production, they offer much-improved strength, durability and comfort.


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Built to last

The final result is a lightweight alloy partial denture that’s built to last – and looks and feels better than anything you have experienced before.

Our partial dentures are designed and hand-crafted by award-winning clinical dental technician Marc Northover. Marc makes partial dentures blend with the surrounding teeth for perfect aesthetics and comfort.

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“I went to Changing Faces for my dentures and I left feeling years younger.”

I would thoroughly recommend Changing Faces to anyone. They take so much time to listen and involve you at every stage, I felt that they wouldn’t let me leave with dentures that were nothing less than perfect, the attention to detail is incredible. They gave me real confidence and you get a great sense of trust when you’re a patient. I think meeting the Clinical Dental Technician who makes the dentures and treats you in the clinic makes a huge difference to the outcome.

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Better than I could have imagined

I am delighted with the end result, it’s better than I could have imagined and I’m so very glad I decided to go ahead with the treatment. Thank you Mark and your wonderful team…
Frances Power

Put me at ease straight away

Thankyou Changing Faces from the lovely welcome at reception , the dental nurses and Marc and Suresh.I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my jaw doesn’t open very well and due to medication my teeth were in a bad way, Marc put me at ease straight away and i was very confident in the treatment plan.Suresh done a fantastic job made me feel comfortable during treatment no pain too , many thanks
julie aris

Turned my life around

…I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to get in touch with the practice even if it’s not a major situation as you will be in the care of a truly kind, caring and professional group of people who in my case have turned my life around, and really from the bottom of my heart I will never be able to thank them enough….
Lorna Oxenbury

Blown away

December 2022 I made the best desigion to go a head with same day teeth from changing faces . I want to say from preparation before treatment to treatment day and after care Iv be blown away…
Jane Edge

I felt that everything was going to be okay

..From the moment I walked in through the doors and was greeted by Kim I felt that everything was going to be okay. Suresh is an amazing Dentist and is very good at listening and putting you at ease. He examined me,was non judgmental and I could feel my fear subside and even allowed myself to get excited! Second appointment was with the wonderful Marc and his excitement for your smile is infectious…
Andrea Stephens-Hill

My confidence is back

Amazing team and service. My confidence is back all thanks to my same day teeth implants. Thank you all so much especially Suresh and Marc for their amazing skills.
Ronald cannings

Made me feel very relaxed

I met Dr Suresh Chohan 6 years ago .He did my implant treatment for me at Changing Faces Knowle. I felt he is very passionate and empathetic, he made me feel very relaxed as I was very nervous and six years later I’m still his patient…
Kate Mallabar

Service was outstanding

Many thanks to everyone at Changing Faces, Marcus, Marc, Kerry, Kim, Chelsea, and the rest of your team for their support and patience during my Dental treatment. From my first consultation they made me feel at ease, to the end result ,(removal of all teeth, implants and fitted dentures) the level of service was outstanding.
Robert Tropman

Hygienic, Kinder Dentures

A lightweight alloy partial denture does not need to cover up as much of your oral tissues, so you’ll notice an improved ability to taste and enjoy the different textures of all your favourite foods again.

The partial denture is held in place with clear or tooth-coloured resin or metal clasps. If you prefer not to have visible fasteners, we can provide discrete precision attachments that no one will ever see.

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Why Choose Light Alloy?

  • Restore your appearance and your natural smile
  • Help preserve your remaining natural teeth
  • Feel more comfortable than conventional plastic partial dentures
  • Make eating a more enjoyable experience
  • Help you speak more clearly


After having dentures, I feel like I want to smile all the time!

Betty’s Story