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Dental Monitoring For No-Hassle Straightening

Clear removable aligners like Invisalign and Spark have made orthodontic treatment more straightforward and more accessible than ever before, and The Dental Monitoring app enables our team, to monitor your treatment from the comfort of your own home.

See how it works

How it Works

Simply download the Dental Monitoring App from your preferred App store when starting treatment.

Our orthodontic team will provide you with an easy-to-use home scanner to capture images of your smile and let them know how your treatment is progressing.

You can also use the Dental Monitoring app to reach your dentist and ask questions whenever you need to, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of clear aligner treatment with fewer visits to the clinic required.


Enjoy Dental Monitoring from Changing Faces®

Treatment with Clear Aligners is already one of the most convenient options for teeth straightening. Here’s how Dental monitoring makes the process even easier.
  • The Time SaverRegular review appointments are one of the most time-consuming aspects of clear aligner treatment. With Dental Monitoring you can scan your teeth from the comfort of your own home, Simon will review the scans each week and confirm that you are ready to move on to your next aligner, saving you from regular visits to the practice.
  • See Your ProgressDental Monitoring stores a record of your treatment so far. This means you can see your own progress, stay motivated and congratulate yourself as your new smile inches closer to perfection.
  • Stay ConnectedPatients often have queries and questions about their treatment, especially in the early weeks. With Dental Monitoring, you can reach us and get quick responses anytime—from anywhere.
  • Improved PlanningYour regular updates allow our team to keep your treatment on track and spot any potential problems before they arise. They also allow us to tweak and adjust your treatment plan if necessary.

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