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Implant-assisted Dentures Smile with confidence again

For one of our implant-assisted denture patients, Adele, a stranger’s smile in a supermarket changed everything. The chance encounter inspired her to overcome a lifelong phobia and finally get the treatment she needed.

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SERVICE: Implant-assisted Dentures
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SERVICE: Implant-assisted Dentures
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SERVICE: Implant-assisted Dentures

Dentures that perform like natural teeth

Dentures are one of the most popular and practical solutions to missing teeth. But many wearers find their dentures slip out when it is least convenient – especially when eating or laughing. Some find that dentures cause sore spots, while others dislike the feel of denture adhesive.

Implant-assisted dentures solve all of these problems by securing replacement teeth to a series of permanent titanium implants seated in the jaw bone.

With your dentures fixed securely in place, you’ll be able to talk, eat and laugh with confidence – free from all the worries of missing teeth and loose dentures.

  • Your dentures will fit securely onto your gums and will feel completely stable
  • The roof of your mouth will be uncovered as upper implant assisted dentures are far less bulky than conventional dentures
  • You’ll be able to bite into and chew foods more easily, increasing your enjoyment of food
  • Implant assisted dentures are supported by the implants and will not create pressure points or sore spots
  • You’ll enjoy improved speech and improved taste
  • The ability to chew properly can improve digestion and well-being
  • Your new implant assisted denture teeth will feel more natural


Research shows that complete dentures stabilised by as little as two dental implants in the lower jaw will significantly improve the quality of life for complete denture wearers, giving them renewed confidence to eat, smile and enjoy life. Changing Faces® dentures assisted by dental implants offer you a new feeling of comfort with a bite comparable to natural teeth.


‘We could see how difficult life had been for Susan and we wanted to give her confidence back’

When Susan attended the clinic she was struggling with confidence, lack of food choices and she avoided socialising. Following treatment her confidence was transformed, she was beaming, it’s almost like her true personality was uncovered. She can now eat her favourites with her new teeth and benefits from a healthier diet and nutrition as a result.

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How can dental implants help?

Many patients report struggling with dentures: The bulky palate covering the roof of their mouth makes some people gag.

Others report soreness, dryness and difficulties with speech.

And then there’s the daily battle with costly, ineffective denture adhesive that doesn’t prevent dentures from slipping loose—usually at the worst possible moment!

However, a Changing Faces® complete denture, attached to four dental implants, looks and feels just like natural teeth. With no bulky palate or denture glue required, and no more problems with eating, talking and getting on with life, it’s a life-changing solution!

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Left: Locator® abutments attached to 4 dental implants ready for the complete denture to be attached.
Right: Implant-assisted full complete denture with no bulky plastic palate and 4 Locator attachments ready to anchor the complete denture in place.


Types of
implant-assisted dentures

We offer a host of options for holding dentures in place or securing a full arch of permanent teeth.

As part of your initial consultation, we’ll work with you to decide which solution best suits your needs and lifestyle.

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Implant-assisted complete denture

An implant-assisted complete denture is a complete removable denture assisted by precision components located at the head of two or more implants. Complete removable dentures can be used in either the upper or lower jaw.

Hybrid solutions

We can also anchor dentures with implants and a precision-milled titanium bar in the upper or lower jaw. The design incorporates the convenience of removable dentures with all the amazing stability of fixed teeth.

An alternative – Same Day Teeth®

If you have lost or are about to lose your teeth, why not consider a permanent replacement smile. Our expert team can place high-quality permanent implanted teeth in a single day with a life-changing procedure called Same Day Teeth.

Same Day Teeth look and feel indistinguishable from the real thing. They’re especially suited to patients who don’t like the thought of wearing a denture that covers part of the mouth.

Explore Same Day Teeth

Why choose implant-assisted dentures?

Look and feel just like natural teeth
Less bulk, no upper mouth coverage
Secure fit – no moving around
Enjoy improved speech and taste
Bite, chew and enjoy food without limits
Enjoy improved digestion and well-being
No pressure points or sore spots
Smile with confidence again

Our clinical dental technician Marc Northover produces stunningly lifelike replacement teeth.

Friends won’t know you are wearing implant-assisted dentures and even you will forget you are wearing them after a while!

There’s no need for a bulky upper palate to keep implant-assisted dentures in place.

You can say goodbye to dental adhesives while enjoying the natural feeling and freedom of an uncovered

Implants will keep your dentures securely in place.

This means you won’t have to worry about them moving around in your mouth or falling out when you least expect it—no messy denture glue required!

With zero coverage comes maximum comfort, and the ability to taste food better.

In addition, implants don’t cause any of the speech problems often reported with conventional dentures.

Nothing is off the menu!

With implant-retained dentures, you can go back to enjoying favourites like steak!

Life gets better when you can eat well!

As your ability to chew improves, you’ll also find digestion improving, which is great news for general wellbeing.

Fixed securely in place, implant-retained dentures don’t cause sore spots or pressure points.

Our patients say they are a leap forward in comfort.

Implant-assisted dentures from Changing Faces® restore inner confidence.

So you live life with a smile you can’t help but show off!


Designed to work with you

During your consultation, Suresh will assess the condition of your jawbone, your oral health, including your gums and your general health. Marc will advise on the type of denture that best suits your needs.

If you decide to go ahead, Dr Suresh will develop a treatment plan to place the implants so that your dentures look and function just like natural teeth.

As few as two dental implants in your lower jaw can help secure a denture, significantly improving your quality of life and your ability to eat and chew foods. Dental implants can help you live your life the way you want to – and to feel happier and healthier.

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implant-assisted dentures by Changing Faces®

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My confidence has been restored!

I decided to go ahead with my implants. The results were just amazing and the follow up care is brilliant! My confidence has been restored! Thanks Marc and all the staff at Changing Faces, Knowle…
karen okeefe

I could not be happier

…Final stage now complete. WOW, look so natural. I could not be happier. I am so grateful to all the team at CHANGING FACES – KNOWLE, Kim & Kerrie (reception), Nicola (practice manager), Chelsea (dental nurse), Babs (best dental hygienist), the duo Marc & Suresh for giving me my confidence to smile back…
Sue Marston

Service was outstanding

Many thanks to everyone at Changing Faces, Marcus, Marc, Kerry, Kim, Chelsea, and the rest of your team for their support and patience during my Dental treatment. From my first consultation they made me feel at ease, to the end result ,(removal of all teeth, implants and fitted dentures) the level of service was outstanding.
Robert Tropman


Today I have received my new denture and I’m thrilled with it. After many years of poorly fitting NHS dentures and after reading the reviews about Changing Faces I decided to attend for a consultation. From the moment I met Marc and his lovely team I just knew that my new bespoke denture would be perfect and it is.
gail butler

Given me back my self-confidence

The result of my visit to Changing Faces is well made, perfectly fitting dentures that have given me back my self-confidence. Thank you Marc for everything, including the superb after-service when required. I have no hesitation in recommending you and Changing Faces….
Nida Heath

Changing Faces are incredible!

Marc and the entire staff of Changing Faces are incredible! I have not only been given the best care as a patient but also as a person. Marc took the time to not only listen to me but also educated me on proper denture care and the difference between ill made and proper made dentures. I have never had such an amazing experience and my dentures look and feel incredible!! Thank you Changing Faces, you changed my life!!
Rebekah Wells

If you’ve lost all of your teeth, you may have noticed shrinking of the jawbone, causing facial features to sag and age prematurely.

Natural teeth are perfectly positioned to support the muscles in your face, especially in your lips and cheeks.

Our complete dentures are designed to replicate this, providing support to sagging facial muscles, helping to smooth out lines and wrinkles to give a more youthful appearance.

We call the dual effect of smile restoration and facial rejuvenation the Changing Faces® effect.

How it works

The Changing Faces® Effect

Normal appearance and facial proportion
Loss of natural teeth
and the insertion of dentures
Worn down dentures causes
loss of support in face
The Changing Faces® effect
Masculine tooth form Natural colourisation Masculine teeth position
image image
Darker dominant canine Dominant position of teeth More masculine
Feminine tooth form Rounder, softer contours Feminine teeth position
Improved symmetry, Natural appearance, More feminine shape

Introducing Denture Genics®

Denture Genics® is a cutting edge technique pioneered by Marc Northover that allows him to design dentures based on gender, age, personality and more.

Without such a technique, dentures often look characterless with a false arrangement of teeth. Denture Genics® design also incorporates realistic sculpting using natural colours and contours of teeth and gum tissues. The result is a premium full denture that is as unique as you.

Expressing Feminine and Masculine Traits with
Denture Genics®

Marc achieves natural results by sculpting teeth to match gender and personality.

Feminine Characteristics

Teeth are subtly positioned with soft contouring to enhance femininity and blend perfectly with facial features.

Masculine Characteristics

Teeth possess pronounced contouring with bolder positioning to achieve a more sculpted and masculine appearance.


I feel absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Tony’s Story


Why choose mini implants?

Not everyone has sufficient jawbone to support standard-sized dental implants. If that’s the case, our expert team may be able to use smaller mini implants to support removable dentures.
  • Minimally-invasive procedure
  • Treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic
  • Fast procedure with short recovery time
  • Cost-effective smile replacement

Marc & Suresh: Smile team

Choose implant-retained dentures from Changing Faces® and you’ll benefit from the combined expertise of leading clinical dental technician Marc Northover, working alongside implant surgeon Dr Suresh Chohan.

Marc is responsible for designing and crafting dentures. He is renowned for producing superbly lifelike dentures using pioneering Denture Genics®. The technique takes into account facial anatomy, gender and more to create stunning dentures that feel like an extension of your personality.

Marc works closely with Changing Faces’® implant dentist Dr Suresh Chohan, who enjoys decades of experience changing lives for the better with high-quality dental implants.

Together, Marc and Suresh have already helped thousands of patients find happiness and confidence with implant-assisted dentures.

Meet Suresh Meet Marc

Not enough bone for implants?

Dental implants are no longer a one-size-fits-all solution and can now be designed and created in many shapes and sizes.

We offer a wide range of implants, from mini implants to longer zygomatic implants designed to reach areas of bone where conventional implants cannot.

Zygomatic implants are great news for patients who may have been refused treatment because they do not have sufficient jawbone density to support dental implants.

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