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Full jaw dental implants Your new smile in just one day

We offer a revolutionary treatment that involves fitting natural looking arches of teeth using dental implants. Amazingly, we can achieve this in one day, leaving you with an instant result that totally transforms your appearance.

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Why wait for your new smile?

Every day, we speak to patients who live with lost or loose teeth, decaying dental work, painful fillings and other unpleasant health problems.

Patients who are plagued by severe dental health conditions often tell us that problems affect much more than just the smiles they show to the outside world.

For so many, the story is the same: Poor dental health means poor mental health, resulting in changing self-image, low self-confidence and feeling as though you’d like to hide away from family and friends.

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for restoring lost smiles permanently. But many patients say they are put off by the idea of lengthy treatment times, slow recovery, and long periods spent without teeth.

The revolutionary Same Day Teeth and All-on-4® techniques change all this, allowing you to receive new, life-changing fixed teeth in a single day.

First left: Full mouth x-ray showing the configuration of full jaw upper and lower dental implants

Second left: Full mouth implanted bridges from our Enhanced range

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Restoring your quality of life

Attractive, natural-looking teeth help us look and feel our best. They let us enjoy the foods we love and let us feel confident at home, work, and play. That’s why the loss of teeth has a considerable impact on everyday life and self-esteem. If you have any of the following issues, we can help:

  • You have gaps or many loose teeth that need extracting
  • You wear old and worn partial dentures, retained by decayed teeth
  • You have old fillings, failing crowns and bridges
  • You’ve lost support for your cheeks and lips after your tooth loss, and this has aged your appearance
  • You’ve had your remaining teeth removed and cannot tolerate your dentures
  • You have gum disease, and you fear the worst

A gift worth millions

“You can’t put a monetary value on what I have gained from having this done.”

Michelle found herself constantly fixing and patching failing teeth. Finally, faced with the prospect of yet more expensive root canal treatment, she decided to act. Michelle says getting Same-Day Teeth put an end to dentist’s bills for good – and was far more relaxing than expected.

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“I was in desperate need of help”

This patient couldn’t tolerate a full palate upper denture because it made them gag. They had been told dental implants were not possible due to gum disease and poor bone quality—but this wasn’t the case. They underwent our Same Day Teeth treatment in both jaws to restore their confidence and smile.

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“I was told there was no options for me”

This patient had been told that excessive tooth grinding meant he wouldn’t be a suitable candidate for implants and bridges. Despite this, we restored his bite to prevent further grinding and transformed his smile with Same Day Teeth in both jaws. His new implanted bridges are incredibly durable and can withstand strong biting forces.

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“My self-esteem was at an all-time low”

This patient’s confidence and self-esteem had hit a low after failed treatment for painful gum disease. She was told she would need to wear full dentures for the rest of her life because she wasn’t suited to dental implants. After careful planning from our team, the patient underwent our Same Day Teeth procedure in both jaws and now has a smile to be proud of.

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Just one life-changing day

Same Day Teeth is a dental implant technique that spares patients all the inconvenience of removable dentures by replacing the teeth’s roots with small titanium posts in the jawbone. Just like with conventional implants, the titanium fuses with the jawbone to create a strong, long-lasting bond, and our team uses the implants to immediately secure your full jaw of replacement teeth.

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But here’s the crucial difference.

Same Day Teeth implants are anchored at an angle to the jaw, giving them superb strength and stability from the offset, and we can also secure teeth using fewer implants.

The configuration and position of the implants along the jawbone together with the fixed bridge helps distribute the chewing forces transmitted from the arches of teeth to the jawbone. Two of the dental implants are placed vertically in the front of the jawbone while the other two implants are often tilted up to 45° at the back of the jaw.

This means you can leave the clinic with a brand new smile, and there’s no waiting around without teeth while you wait for surgery to heal.

There are many different names given to this technique, including Same Day Teeth, Same Day Smile, Fast & Fixed, Pro Arch and Neo Arch®.

In the past, traditional full arch dental implant techniques required 6-10 implants, bone grafting and several months of healing before the bridge could be fixed to the implants.

By comparison we rarely use more than 4 implants and your new bridge is attached the same day!

Everything changes with Same Day Teeth

A tried and tested technique

Implants are one of the oldest concepts in dentistry. But All-on-4® is a relatively recent innovation pioneered by Portuguese dentist Dr Paulo Malo in 1998.

With many thousands of successful procedures carried out since then, All-on-4® are now the gold standard of full-arch teeth replacement.

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  • The full arch of teeth can be cared for and cleaned just like natural teeth
  • The arch of teeth cannot be removed so there is no need to remove a denture after meals
  • The full arch of permanent teeth feels just like your natural teeth
  • You can taste your food more, as the full arch of upper teeth does not cover the roof of your mouth
  • You can chew and bite food how you like, and you can choose to eat the foods you previously had to avoid, experiencing a more varied diet for healthier living
  • It is a long-term solution and will last for decades if looked after correctly
Graham’s Story

Meet the Same Day Teeth – full jaw dental implants team

Same Day Teeth from Changing Faces® let you benefit from the dual expertise of a technical and clinical duo who have restored thousands of smiles using this advanced technique.

Our award-winning clinical dental technician Marc Northover is renowned for creating replacement teeth that look, feel and fit just like the real thing. He has been hand-crafting dental bridges for implants for over 25 years and creates truly lifelike teeth that let patients chew, bite and talk naturally.

Marc works closely with implant dentist Dr Suresh Chohan, who has more than a decade of experience carrying out complex and advanced procedures.

Suresh places the implants that hold Marc’s crafted fixed teeth securely in position. He has a Masters in implant dentistry and can achieve life-changing results with even the most complex cases.

Together, Marc and Suresh have been delighting patients with full jaw dental implants for many years, based on their philosophy of ‘better together’ – so you can be sure of being in safe hands.

  • 100’s of positive social reviews plus excellent patient testimonials
  • Implants that are tried and tested over 30 years
  • Solutions for patients with dental phobias
  • Solutions for patients who think they are stuck with dentures because they have been told that implants aren’t suitable

Why you’ll love Same Day Teeth

The kinder treatment
Over and done with
Recover in no time
Don’t spend a day without teeth

Same Day Teeth are often referred to as All-on-4 because they require as few as four implants to secure permanently in place.

This makes for a much more pleasant experience in surgery.

Same Day Teeth is the faster implant option.

With as few as four implants to place, you’ll find Same Day Teeth treatment with the Changing Faces® team is over before you know it!

Fewer implants mean you’ll spend less time recouping and recovering from surgery.

You’ll be smiling confidently and enjoying your favourite foods again in no time!

You’ll receive temporary teeth to wear while you heal and your mouth gets used to implants.

This means you won’t spend a single day without a perfect smile.

The Same Day Teeth procedure

Whilst procedures may vary from patient to patient, the following is an indication of the main stages of treatment. In between steps 4 and 5, you will be required to attend 3-5 appointments, each for approximately 30-45 minutes.


Your consultation

At your first consultation with us, you can discuss your suitability for treatment and find out about the big difference the Same Day Teeth treatment could make to your life. After that, you can ask as many questions as you like. We’ll also carry out a quick examination to make sure Same-Day Teeth is the best solution for you.


Assessment imaging

Following your initial consultation, you can expect to undergo a CT scan and diagnostics so that we can prepare a highly-accurate and predictable digital 3D image of the whole procedure, including virtual implant placement. All this information helps to determine the final treatment plan. The appointment takes approximately 1 hour, during which time you will undergo a thorough clinical assessment. Then we will spend up to 2 weeks formulating your customised plan before we see you again.


Your treatment plan

With a thorough written treatment plan to hand, we chat with you face-to-face, explaining all your options including details of the fees. At this time, we can also discuss our full range of payment plans. We can then schedule your Same Day Teeth treatment and book the appointments. Once you have agreed to treatment, you will attend your first appointment. Depending on your situation, this could involve impressions of your mouth, recordings of your bite, plus choosing the size, shape and shade of your new teeth.


The day of surgery

We normally schedule the surgery to begin early morning, and often carry out the procedure under intravenous sedation. We prepare your jaw for the implants to be placed, and carefully position them to secure your new teeth. Prior to this appointment, we will already have made a new set of teeth; now we adapt them to fit over the implants. After just a few hours, you will be able to go home with your new smile. This is a natural-looking set of teeth that you will wear for a few months until you are ready for your final permanent teeth.


Your new smile

A review appointment is scheduled for two weeks following the surgery. You will also need to see our hygienist who will show you how to look after your new teeth. After this, we ask to see you a couple more times to monitor your progress, and after 3 months we can begin treatment for your final permanent teeth over 3-4 short appointments. Adjustments of the tooth position and colour can be made at this stage. Your final permanent teeth are fitted – rock-solid just like natural, healthy teeth.

Nervous? Relax with sedation dentistry

If you are one of the millions of UK patients who is nervous about dental treatment, or if you have a phobia of visiting clinics, we’d love to hear from you.

Every day, our Dental Phobia-certified team helps patients just like you to finally get life-changing using a gentle approach, a listening ear and gentle sedation that makes treatment pass in an instant.

Our sedation is administered by consultant anaesthetists or trained dentists, and we offer various levels of sedation based on your individual needs.

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Intravenous sedation

For moderate to deep sedation, we’ll administer the sedative intravenously to create a drowsy, dreamlike state. You’ll be conscious throughout the procedure but will have limited recollection afterwards. The effect is as though treatment has passed without you realising.

General anaesthesia

We can also provide full general anaesthesia in a hospital setting. With general anaesthesia, you’ll be unconscious throughout the procedure in the same way you would for surgery. For treatment under general anaesthetic, you’ll usually be admitted as a day patient and discharged a few hours after the procedure.

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Same Day Teeth by Changing Faces®

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I could not be happier

…Final stage now complete. WOW, look so natural. I could not be happier. I am so grateful to all the team at CHANGING FACES – KNOWLE, Kim & Kerrie (reception), Nicola (practice manager), Chelsea (dental nurse), Babs (best dental hygienist), the duo Marc & Suresh for giving me my confidence to smile back…
Sue Marston

Welcoming and professional

Went to Changing Faces for same day teeth. I can honestly say that it has been an amazing experience. The fantastic team were welcoming and professional from day one….
Christine Winstanley

Blown away

December 2022 I made the best desigion to go a head with same day teeth from changing faces . I want to say from preparation before treatment to treatment day and after care Iv be blown away…
Jane Edge

My confidence is back

Amazing team and service. My confidence is back all thanks to my same day teeth implants. Thank you all so much especially Suresh and Marc for their amazing skills.
Ronald cannings

Changed my life

Changing faces!! I had same day teeth,the staff and team were amassing,I can eat what I want and smile 😃 as much as I like!! I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks again, you and your team definitely changed my life 😁😁
Shaun Cooper

Service was outstanding

Many thanks to everyone at Changing Faces, Marcus, Marc, Kerry, Kim, Chelsea, and the rest of your team for their support and patience during my Dental treatment. From my first consultation they made me feel at ease, to the end result ,(removal of all teeth, implants and fitted dentures) the level of service was outstanding.
Robert Tropman


“I’ve got my teeth back!

Sixteen professional boxing matches had taken their toll on Shaun’s dental health. Poor dentures just made the problem worse, leaving him feeling aged well beyond his years. Shaun was nervous about getting Same-Day Teeth but didn’t feel a thing. And the results were nothing short of life-changing.

Watch Shaun’s video testimonial

Your investment

As part of our promise to you, we will always
give you clear, accurate information. All of our
solutions include:

  • FREE Consultation & x-rays
  • FREE 3D CT Scan & report*
  • Fixed teeth on day of surgery
Click to compare the different Same Day Teeth products below


Lots to love, less to spend for minimal tooth loss

One jaw £10,500
Both jaws from £20,000

10 individual acrylic
teeth per arch
10 standardised
tooth shapes
10 standardised
tooth shades
including bleach shades
natural-looking gum colour
Standardised aesthetics
4 dental implants per jaw
Stainless steel strengthening inserts & high-impact acrylic gum
3 year biological warranty †
3 year mechanical warranty †
1x FREE check-up and hygiene appointment
Spare Essential bridge not included
See more features


More bespoke options

One jaw £16,500
Both jaws from £30,000

10-14 individual composite
teeth per arch
20 gender and age specific
tooth shapes
Over 50 natural – looking
tooth shades
including bleach shades
individualised gum colours
High-end aesthetics
4-6 dental implants per jaw
Milled titanium bar & high-impact acrylic gum
5 year biological warranty †
5 year mechanical warranty †
2 x FREE check-ups and hygiene appointments
Spare Essential
bridge included
See more features


The ultimate tailored smile

One jaw £20,500
Both jaws from £37,000

10-14 individual ceramic
teeth per arch
Unlimited bespoke
tooth shapes
Unlimited bespoke
tooth shades
including bleach shades
individualised gum colours
High-end aesthetics
4-6 dental implants per jaw
Milled titanium bar with individual crowns & composite gum
7 year biological warranty †
7 year mechanical warranty †
4 x FREE check-ups and hygiene appointments
Spare Essential
bridge included
See more features
12 months 0% finance available, or 5 years at 9.9% APR §

* A fee of £180 is payable for your assessment, 3D CT scan and x-rays. This is then deducted from the overall cost of your treatment if you were to go ahead.
† Void if you do not attend your check-ups and hygiene appointments
§ Subject to Status and Terms & Conditions

Same Day Teeth – frequently asked questions

Can anyone have Same Day Teeth?

Same Day Teeth is usually recommended if you are missing most or all of your natural teeth, or if you have failing teeth due to advanced tooth decay or periodontal (gum) disease. You will need to have a consultation to check that the technique is suitable for your individual needs. The good news is that it will be ideal for most people because the technique uses fewer implants to restore a whole arch of teeth. Zygomatic implant technology may be an option if you have some jawbone loss that previously prevented you from having implants, and there are even procedures for creating more bone.

How long does the procedure take?

This really depends on you, but for the majority, we can place dental implants and attach an arch of teeth in one day. In some instances, we may suggest you wait whilst the implants fuse with the bone. This typically takes three months, at which point we can then attach your new teeth.

Can I treat them like normal teeth?

Absolutely. There are no restrictions. All you need to do is clean them twice a day and see us regularly for reviews as with natural teeth – usually twice a year. Once we have fitted the new teeth, straight after the implants have been placed, we recommend a soft diet for the first few weeks. This is to allow the implants time to fuse with the bone. After this time, and when the permanent teeth are fitted, there are no restrictions on what you can eat – your teeth will function and feel as if they are your own.

What will I actually receive?

You’ll receive four to six implants and a set of high-quality prosthetic teeth embedded in high-impact acrylic. The bridge is normally a hybrid design with a milled titanium beam supporting the gum and teeth. This is screwed to the dental implants and can only be removed by one of our dentists.

Is the procedure painful?

Our patients are always amazed about how comfortable treatment is. All implants are placed under a local anaesthetic, so the implant sites are numb and pain-free. You can expect some discomfort and slight swelling after the surgery, but this can be managed by everyday painkillers such as Ibuprofen.

What if I’m not a suitable candidate?

Decisive factors for whether you are a candidate for our Same Day Teeth procedure include your age, health, expectations, the amount of missing hard and soft tissue and your financial situation. If any of these means that you aren’t suitable for Same Day teeth, we can offer you other options like an implant-assisted complete denture or conventional dentures.

What is the success rate?

The use of dental implants has been investigated in thousands of scientific studies. With more than four decades of clinical experience and millions of patients treated worldwide, the long-term studies observing dental implant solutions clearly confirm a high success rate of over 95% for individual dental implants. But just like natural teeth, dental implants also require regular check-ups and conscientious oral hygiene. Appropriate care, together with good treatment planning and correct insertion of the dental implant, is one of the most important requirements for long-term success.

Could my age be a problem?

Occasionally, older patients express concern that their age may prevent them from enjoying the benefits of dental implants. However, your health is more of a determining factor than your age. Certain diseases and health issues may mean dental implant treatment is not advisable – we can suggest alternative treatments in these situations.

What are my payment options?

We work with experienced patient finance companies who have been great in helping our patients access the funds they need to achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

What’s my next step?

Patients are often nervous about treatment at first, so we suggest you attend an initial consultation – it’s free of charge, and there’s absolutely no commitment. Here you will be able to discuss your options face to face with our team. Simply call one of our clinics to make an appointment. Alternatively, we hold many Discovery Days where you can come along and chat with us.


Join hundreds of patients who wished they’d done this sooner

We haven’t met a patient we can’t help. Get in touch with the Changing Faces team today to arrange your free, no-obligation Same day teeth consultation. Alternatively, we hold many Discovery Days where you can come along and chat with us.

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