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Inlays and Onlays Non-Invasive Repair

Sometimes tooth decay causes too much damage for repair with ordinary fillings but doesn’t require treatment with a full crown. When that’s the case, we often turn to inlays and onlays – the conservative alternative to dental crowns.

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Virtually impossible to spot

Treatment with inlays and onlays involves removing a tiny part of the affected tooth and producing a restoration to fit the cavity exactly.

Once bonded in place, the inlay or onlay repairs the biting surface. The hard-wearing tooth-coloured composite makes inlays and onlays virtually impossible to spot. They are especially useful for repairing back teeth like molars and premolars.

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Inlays vs Onlays

Inlays and onlays repair damage and protect from infection while preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Generally, we’ll use an inlay to replace the central chewing surface of a back tooth. However, If the decayed area has affected a cusp (the raised edges of your tooth), we’ll use an onlay to repair the damage.

Put simply, an onlay covers the tooth’s cusp while an inlay only fills the central area between the cusps.

At Changing Faces®, we offer a choice of composite or porcelain, both selected for their hard-wearing properties and likeness to natural tooth enamel. Treatment is quick and less expensive than a full crown.


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Lovely and welcoming

I am currently under the care of Dr Keeley Thorne and dental nurse, Kerry Griffiths who are both so lovely and welcoming. I feel well informed about my treatment and so excited to see the results. I know I am under the best care with Keeley and Kerry. Thank you both.
Shannon Meehan

Filled me with confidence

I was a very nervous patient and knowing how much work I’d need made me even worse, but from my very first appointment all the way through treatment everyone was very kind, made the whole process calm and filled me with confidence to get the work done…
Beverley Driver


Today I have received my new denture and I’m thrilled with it. After many years of poorly fitting NHS dentures and after reading the reviews about Changing Faces I decided to attend for a consultation. From the moment I met Marc and his lovely team I just knew that my new bespoke denture would be perfect and it is.
gail butler

Totally blown away

If you are unsure about having your teeth straightened then you need to contact Changing Faces Dentistry Knowle. I have had the best experience and support every step of the way. I used to hate to smile and hated having my photo taken. Now after just finishing my treatment you can’t stop me!! My teeth look amazing I’m totally blown away with the results, the process is totally pain free, the use of a scan box saves you endless trips to the dentist..
Helen Smith

My confidence has been restored!

I decided to go ahead with my implants. The results were just amazing and the follow up care is brilliant! My confidence has been restored! Thanks Marc and all the staff at Changing Faces, Knowle…
karen okeefe

I can honestly say that this place has changed my life

Having had a lifetime of problems with my teeth and traumatic experiences with various dentists, I was so fortunate to come across Changing Faces Dentistry. From my first telephone conversation I knew this place was different. The care and understanding, the commitment to finding the perfect solution whatever the situation, gave me the optimism to go ahead. This amazing team held my hand throughout the whole process and I can honestly say that this place has changed my life…

Made me feel very relaxed

I met Dr Suresh Chohan 6 years ago .He did my implant treatment for me at Changing Faces Knowle. I felt he is very passionate and empathetic, he made me feel very relaxed as I was very nervous and six years later I’m still his patient…
Kate Mallabar

Welcoming and professional

Went to Changing Faces for same day teeth. I can honestly say that it has been an amazing experience. The fantastic team were welcoming and professional from day one….
Christine Winstanley