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Inlays and Onlays Non-Invasive Repair

Sometimes tooth decay causes too much damage for repair with ordinary fillings but doesn’t require treatment with a full crown. When that’s the case, we often turn to inlays and onlays – the conservative alternative to dental crowns.

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Virtually impossible to spot

Treatment with inlays and onlays involves removing a tiny part of the affected tooth and producing a restoration to fit the cavity exactly.

Once bonded in place, the inlay or onlay repairs the biting surface. The hard-wearing tooth-coloured composite makes inlays and onlays virtually impossible to spot. They are especially useful for repairing back teeth like molars and premolars.

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Inlays vs Onlays

Inlays and onlays repair damage and protect from infection while preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Generally, we’ll use an inlay to replace the central chewing surface of a back tooth. However, If the decayed area has affected a cusp (the raised edges of your tooth), we’ll use an onlay to repair the damage.

Put simply, an onlay covers the tooth’s cusp while an inlay only fills the central area between the cusps.

At Changing Faces®, we offer a choice of composite or porcelain, both selected for their hard-wearing properties and likeness to natural tooth enamel. Treatment is quick and less expensive than a full crown.


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The results speak for themselves

I’ve recently completed Invisalign with Keely…. After just 6 months all my front teeth are completely straight, I would highly recommend the treatment, especially with Keely. The results speak for themselves.
Ruby Mae

Process has been seamless

7 months into my Invisalign journey and I couldn’t recommend Keely and the team anymore. Process has been seamless throughout, 10/10. I couldn’t be happier with my teeth so far and we’re just over half way through!
Thankyou to the lovely ladies at changing faces 😃
George Hickton

Better than Harley Street

Changing Faces Dentistry has met all my expectations excellent facilities, and 1st class Professionalism from reception, nursing attendance, Right through to the procedures carried out by my Dentist, absolutely faultless, I can’t thank them enough, I couldn’t have been better looked after If I’d gone to a Harley St Practice.
Bill Wooldridge

Filled me with confidence

I was a very nervous patient and knowing how much work I’d need made me even worse, but from my very first appointment all the way through treatment everyone was very kind, made the whole process calm and filled me with confidence to get the work done…
Beverley Driver


Very happy with the results for my teeth. The staff were amazing especially Suresh and Marc. Very skilled and vey knowledgeable. Made me feel at ease at all times and the result is brilliant. Thanks Changing Faces for a remarkable job.
Zubair Ahmed

You will never look back

If you like myself have a huge phobia of dentists then honestly you need to use changing faces. You will wish you had found them sooner I definitely wish I had. You will never look back and there dental work is just amazing second to non by far…
Christopher Low

I’m over the moon

Great team. Mark is very professional but with a nice personal touch. I’m over the moon with the dentures provided and have my confidence back.
Jim Bennett

Made me feel very relaxed

I met Dr Suresh Chohan 6 years ago .He did my implant treatment for me at Changing Faces Knowle. I felt he is very passionate and empathetic, he made me feel very relaxed as I was very nervous and six years later I’m still his patient…
Kate Mallabar