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Knowle, Solihull
Harborne, Birmingham

Plastic Partial Dentures Feels So Natural

Conventional partial dentures can sometimes be bulky and uncomfortable to wear. But we’ve designed our partial plastic dentures to be much thinner, so they feel great. And – just as importantly – they look and function just like natural teeth.


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All natural, all you

Each partial denture is custom-designed by award-winning clinical dental technician Marc Northover to match the exact shape, size and contour of your missing teeth for a look and feel that’s all-natural, all-you.

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Maureen’s story

“I can smile now without any problems. It’s great to wear them!”

As a wearer of +40 years, Maureen knows that not all dentures are equal. Here she describes the positive impact of wearing a plastic partial denture from Changing Faces.®

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Built To Last

Choose Changing Faces® to fabricate your partial denture and you will benefit from the experience of a skilled dental team working with the very latest dental technology.

We use the latest and most innovative techniques to fabricate your denture, ensuring it fits perfectly and is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.

The final result is a plastic partial denture that looks and feels better than anything you have experienced before.

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I’m over the moon

Great team. Mark is very professional but with a nice personal touch. I’m over the moon with the dentures provided and have my confidence back.
Jim Bennett

Service was outstanding

Many thanks to everyone at Changing Faces, Marcus, Marc, Kerry, Kim, Chelsea, and the rest of your team for their support and patience during my Dental treatment. From my first consultation they made me feel at ease, to the end result ,(removal of all teeth, implants and fitted dentures) the level of service was outstanding.
Robert Tropman

My teeth are now perfect

What a fantastic experience and results with Changing Faces in Knowle, Solihull. Every single member of staff are so professional, friendly, knowledgeable and put you at your ease from the moment you step in. I had a lot of treatment which involved a mix of extractions/bridge/dentures and implants. My teeth are now perfect and I am able to smile again with confidence. So so happy!…
sue thompson

Given me back my self-confidence

The result of my visit to Changing Faces is well made, perfectly fitting dentures that have given me back my self-confidence. Thank you Marc for everything, including the superb after-service when required. I have no hesitation in recommending you and Changing Faces….
Nida Heath


Today I have received my new denture and I’m thrilled with it. After many years of poorly fitting NHS dentures and after reading the reviews about Changing Faces I decided to attend for a consultation. From the moment I met Marc and his lovely team I just knew that my new bespoke denture would be perfect and it is.
gail butler

Changing Faces are incredible!

Marc and the entire staff of Changing Faces are incredible! I have not only been given the best care as a patient but also as a person. Marc took the time to not only listen to me but also educated me on proper denture care and the difference between ill made and proper made dentures. I have never had such an amazing experience and my dentures look and feel incredible!! Thank you Changing Faces, you changed my life!!
Rebekah Wells

Are Plastic Partial Dentures Right For You?

  • “I’m about to lose one or several teeth.”
  • “I want a cost-effective partial denture.”
  • “It’s my first time wearing a denture.”
  • “I need to stabilise my teeth before getting a light alloy denture.”


Made with craftsmanship…for the individual.

David’s Story