SMILES | Light Alloy Partial Dentures

Lighter, More Durable and Less Bulky

Most partial dentures have a base of hard acrylic material or flexible resin, but a light alloy partial denture has a base consisting of a lightweight alloy metal and gum coloured high quality plastic. The advantage of having a lightweight alloy partial denture is that it will be far less bulky than a partial denture made from plastic, and the material is strong and durable. The result is a partial denture that is lightweight, and according to our patients a denture that feels more comfortable.

Kinder to Your Mouth and More Hygienic

A lightweight alloy partial denture does not need to cover up as much of your oral tissues, increasing your ability to taste foods and to feel different textures. The partial denture is held in place with clear or tooth coloured resin clasps, or with metal clasps. If you would prefer not to have visible clasps, we can provide precision attachments, which are more discreet and less visible.

You can expect your new lightweight alloy partial denture to:

  • Restore your appearance and your natural smile
  • Help preserve your remaining natural teeth
  • Feel more comfortable than conventional plastic partial dentures
  • Make eating a more enjoyable and comfortable experience
  • Help you speak more clearly
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